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Create trusted communication channels with your partners

thanks to a public or private Blockchain

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Record'in is based on Ethereum and provides additional features out of the box

Define business objects

Record'in lets you defining the business objects you want to manipulate like in any other software !

See our demonstration video

Define access levels to your data

Record'in lets you define without additional coding, how the users can access the stored data

GDPR compliant

No worry about medical or personal data. Record'in is able to manage sensitive data out of the chain for compliance

Document management

Record'in is able to import external documents like PDFs or integrate with your document management system

Track & trace informations

Record'in keeps track of any change made on a recorded object

See our demonstration video (at the end)


Record'in integrates with all other IT software, like your ERP or mobile applications, thanks to its Rest web services APIs

How does it work ?

Ethereum is encapsulated for making it easier to use


Download the software from github

5 minutes to read and install the software.

Once started it requires around 10 minutes to initiate the blockchain by its own

Define your business objects

See our demonstration video as a tutorial

Integrate with Rest API web services

Find all details in our documentation

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Discover how to benefit from the Blockchain technology for your organization

Our Services

Managed services

You are free of using Record'in.

We manage to operate the entire Record'in platform on a SaaS / on-line dedicated environment just for you.


We come to you.

Benefit from our high level integration skills to adapt the installation of Record'in inside your infrastructure.


Relax !

We provide you access to our service requests tracking tool, and answer your needs according to an SLA (Service Level Agreement).  


Get closer to your business.

Benefit from the modularity of Record'in, and manage with us to shape the Blockchain advantages to your needs.

Discover more functionalities that other Blockchain doesn't have

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


· Easy data model definition and update

· External documents import and storage

· GDPR compliant

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


· Authentication scheme

· Multi-level security layer based on objects' ACL

· Electronic signatures

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


· Comply with your business rules

· Web interface & RESTful JSON web services

· Configurable Ethereum nodes

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